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Snap Action Low Pressure Switch

An economical solution to your analog sensing need: the Ultrasonic Level Sensor can be used as a simple multipoint level switch or for continuous feedback through a 4–20 mA loop. With no moving parts and a fully progammable settings, it is more flexible than float level switches. Its compact size and robust construction makes it well suited for industrial or mobile equipment.

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  • 5” to 78” (13 to 200 cm) sensing range
  • 4 digital outputs & 1 analog (4–20 mA) output
  • Cast aluminum body with IP65 rating
  • 1” NPT process connection
  • Digital display with push buttons for setup
  • Advanced USB programming
  • Compensation for fluid sloshing


  • Water tanks
  • Hydraulic units
  • Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs)


78” (200 cm) from sensor surface at 32°F (22°C)
0.5% max distance (perpendicular to surface)*
Dead Zone
5” (12 cm) from sensor face
Beam angle
12° ± 2°
Ultrasonic Frequency
112 kHz
User Interface
Field Adjustable (push buttons and display)
Supply Voltage
0 - 36 VDC (100mA maximum)
Analog Output
4-20mA **
Contact Type
(4) Normally Open SPST relays, 0.4A and 4-20 mA
Contact Hysteresis
Adjustable, 0 to 100% 
Ambient Temperature
14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C) 
Enclosure Materials / Rating
IP65 Powder Coated Aluminum 
Exposed Materials
Epoxy, Stainless steel, Aluminum
Cable Type
8-conductor shielded cable
Process Connection
1” NPT Stainless Steel
Optional Accessory
2” NPT PVC fitting. Recommended for optimal sensor performance 

* in stable homogeneous standard environment

(affected by temperature gradients, vapors, supply voltage)

** conversion error rate 0.2%


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