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Bimetal Temperature Switches & Temperature Transducers

S2TAF / s3taf Series - Bimetal Temperature Switch

S2TAF Series - Bimetal Temperature Switch

A bimetal temperature switch suitable for industrial control applications. It is a probless design for applications with space constraints, but we also offer the probe as an option.

  • Factory Set: 77 - 293 F
  • DIN 43650 
  • Electrical: 15 A


S5TAF / s7taf Series - Bimetal Temperature Switch

S7TAF / S5TAF Series - Fast Acting Bimetal Temperature Switch

The S5TAF and S7TAF is our smallest temperature switch, designed specifically for space constraints. The S5TAF features a wide differential and the S7TAF features a low differential for different application requirements.  The switch is also our most cost effective switch and also the most responsive switch, ideal for OEM use.   

  • Factory Set: 130 - 220 F
  • Compact Size  
  • Electrical: 3 A


S6TAF / s8taf Series - Bimetal Temperature Switch

S6TAF S8TAF Series - Fast Acting Bimetal Temperature Switch

The S6TAF and S8TAF is designed with high ingress protection, enabling it to be suitable for a variety of harsh environmental conditions. The S6TAF features a wide differential and the S8TAF features a low differential for different application requirements. The switches are avaiable with an integrated deutsch connector, packard connector and many more.

  • Factory Set: 130 - 220 F
  • High Ingress Protection
  • Electrical: 3A  


TT - Temperature Transducer 

TT Temperature Transducer

The TT temperature transducer is a robust unit with a 4 to 20 mA output. Its chrome plating is ideal for many industrial applications.   

  • Temperature Range: -25C to 100C , 0C to 100C , 0F to 300F 
  • Output Signal : 4 to 20 mA
  • Chrome plating